austerity economy

austerity economy

English-russian dctionary of diplomacy. 2014.

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  • austerity — [n1] severity acerbity, asperity, astringence, coldness, exactingness, exactness, formality, formalness, gravity, grimness, hardness, harshness, inclemency, inflexibility, obduracy, rigidity, rigor, seriousness, solemnity, sternness, stiffness,… …   New thesaurus

  • austerity — aus‧ter‧i‧ty [ɔːˈsterti, ɒ ǁ ɒː ] noun [uncountable] ECONOMICS bad economic conditions in which people do not have much money to spend: • her childhood memories of war time austerity * * * austerity UK US /ɒsˈterəti/ noun [U] ► ECONOMICS,… …   Financial and business terms

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  • austerity — (n.) mid 14c., sternness, harshness, from O.Fr. austerite harshness, cruelty (14c.) and directly from L.L. austeritatem (nom. austeritas), from austerus (see AUSTERE (Cf. austere)). Of severe self discipline, from 1580s; hence severe simplicity… …   Etymology dictionary

  • austerity — [ô ster′ə tē] n. pl. austerities 1. the quality or condition of being austere 2. an austere act, habit, practice, or manner 3. tightened economy, as because of shortages of consumer goods …   English World dictionary

  • economy — I (economic system) noun administration, administration of economics, administration of resources, economic science, management, management of resources, regulation of finances, system of distributing wealth, wealth II (frugality) noun avoidance… …   Law dictionary

  • economy — [n] saving, frugality abridgement, austerity, care, carefulness, caution, curtailment, cutback, decrease, deduction, direction, discretion, husbandry, layoff, meanness, miserliness, moratorium, niggardliness, parcity, parsimony, providence,… …   New thesaurus

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